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Solstice House

Solstice House

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1 Living  1 Kitchen  2 Bedroom 1 Bath  30.2㎡

This foldable house/granny flat/ADU, with dimensions of 8.4*3.6 meters and a floor area of 8.64 square meters, offers a compact yet functional living space that is ideal for temporary outdoor accommodation, short-term rentals, or placement in one's own backyard. The design includes 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, and 1 living area, providing all the essentials for everyday living convenience.

Here are some key points about the building materials and design:

Wall Structure: The external and internal walls feature ASTM high tensile steel wall frames with full assembly details and are covered with 10mm fiber cement sheets on both sides for lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Roof Structure: The roof trusses are made of 3.89mm41mm0.75mm G550 high tensile steel, ready to assemble and attach to external walls with all fixings and detailed set-out plans. The roof is covered with 0.5mm high tensile colorbond roof sheets, insulated with R3.5 glasswool, and includes gable flashings, ridge capping, valleys, barge capping, and all necessary fixings.

Ceiling: The ceiling features 10mm integrated wall panels for good insulation and soundproofing.

Exterior Wall: The exterior wall is constructed with 16mm metal-PU sandwich boards, 0.5mm vapor barrier, and R3.5 glasswool insulation for thermal efficiency.

Flooring: The wet areas have 15mm fiber cement board underneath, while the dry areas feature 15mm OSB board with R3.5 glasswool insulation. The bathroom is equipped with SPC flooring, and the dry areas have 12mm MDF flooring.

Windows and Doors: Double-glazed aluminum sliding windows and sliding doors in black color are provided, along with standard fly screens. The entrance door is an aluminum double-glazed sliding door, and the bathroom door is a veneer film MDF door. The bathroom is fitted with a shower tray, faucet, and vanity with a mirror.

In conclusion, this foldable house offers a robust and durable construction with a focus on comfort and practicality. It is suitable for various purposes such as temporary outdoor accommodation, short-term rentals, or backyard placement.

Product parameters:

Name:  Solstice House
Size : 8.4x3.6m
Area:  30.24㎡



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