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Deepblue Smarthouse

Garden shed 1

Garden shed 1

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The Garden Shed by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is engineered and manufactured with an uncompromising commitment to quality in construction and aesthetics, ensuring utmost satisfaction for its users.

This versatile shed comes in four distinct layout options catering to various needs: a home office for those seeking a peaceful workspace, a gym for fitness enthusiasts, a gaming setup for entertainment lovers, and a cinema-style layout for movie aficionados.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's Garden Shed features a robust Steel Frame Wall and Chasis/sub-structure for foundational strength. Its walls are insulated with R2.5 Glass Wool*100mm, ensuring effective thermal insulation to keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer. The flooring is made of 18mm CFC Sheet, providing a sturdy and durable base.

For windows, the shed is equipped with USA-Alum. Double Glass Fixed / Sliding Windows that not only offer excellent insulation but also allow ample natural light. The entrance is made secure and stylish with a USA-Alum. Double Glass Bi-fold Door, combining elegance with functionality.

Every aspect of the Garden Shed by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and enjoyment.
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