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Shangri-La Tiny House New Zealand

Shangri-La Tiny House New Zealand

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1 Living  1 Kitchen  2 Bedroom 1 Bath  24.33㎡

The Shangri-La Tiny House On Wheels boasts a robust structure built with a Light Steel Frame, ensuring durability and stability. The insulation is provided by Glasswool, which offers excellent thermal and acoustic properties, creating a comfortable living environment.

The roof system is comprised of Roofing Tiles, a Vapor Barrier to prevent moisture buildup, a Soffit for ventilation, and Flashing to protect against water infiltration. The ceiling system features a Ceiling Board, providing a smooth and finished look.

The external wall system includes Wall Cladding for weather resistance, a Vapor Barrier to maintain indoor air quality, and Lining Boards for added protection and aesthetics. The internal wall system features Wall Cladding and Skirting, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the interior space.

Product parameters:

Name:  Phoenix House
Project NO: 2309
Project site:  Australia
Total area:  60.1㎡
Size: 11560×5200×3060mm


The floor system consists of a Floor Board as the base, with additional Flooring options to suit personal preferences and comfort. Windows and External Doors are equipped with Aluminum Frames and Double Glazed Glass, offering energy efficiency and noise reduction.

The kitchen is thoughtfully designed with Cabinets for storage, a Countertop for meal preparation, a Faucet for convenience, and a Sink for washing dishes. The bathroom includes a Shower for relaxation, a Vanity Set for storage and grooming, and a Toilet for essential needs.

Overall, the Shangri-La Tiny House On Wheels is a well-designed and functional living space, featuring high-quality materials and systems to ensure a comfortable and efficient lifestyle.

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