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Phoenix House accessory dwelling units

Phoenix House accessory dwelling units

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Introducing the Phoenix model from Deepblue Smarthouse, a state-of-the-art solution in modern living and affordable housing. Crafted with precision from a light gauge steel frame system, the Phoenix is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that exemplifies versatility and durability. With a base area of 60 square meters, this unit is perfect as a granny flat or a standalone ADU, combining style with functionality.

The Phoenix model shines as a sustainable answer to the affordable housing crisis. Its innovative folding system allows for easy transportation and assembly, making it an ideal choice for rapid deployment in various settings. The modular design of the Phoenix not only caters to those seeking a compact living solution but also offers the possibility to expand. Two Phoenix modules can be seamlessly combined to create a spacious 120 square meter home, providing an economical yet comfortable living space for families.

Each Phoenix unit is designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, ensuring a low environmental impact while maintaining high standards of living. The light gauge steel structure is not only robust and weather-resistant but also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, enhancing the overall comfort of the dwelling.

Whether you're looking to extend your home, invest in rental property, or address larger community housing needs, the Phoenix model from Deepblue Smarthouse is a smart, scalable solution that adapts to your requirements. Experience the future of housing with Phoenix – where innovation meets affordability. 


Project location: Australia
External area:60.11㎡
Internal area:54.74㎡
Bedroom 1:8.21㎡
Bedroom 2:8.46㎡
Bath 1 area:4.1㎡
Bath 2 area:3.12㎡

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